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Fun Diving - Shore Dive 2019/3/4~29 on Sales
Around Xiao Liuqiu the sea is 15 to 20 meters deep. Abundant in sea turtles favorite food, it attracts a lot of sea turtles near the shore. Shore diving is safe and easy for practicing simple techniques of scuba diving. Diving without any stress, you can enjoy being in the ocean with amazing nature. This dive takes around 50 minutes.

nt$ 1,000 /
Fun Diving - 2 Boat dives
Have you ever heard about Atlantis in Xiao Liuqiu? Visit the wreck and mysterious sites and enjoy a trip full of fantasy!

nt$ 2,500 /
Night Shore Diving
After enjoying the scenery during the day, don't miss the night dive to explore the darkness in the sea. Guided by our PADI instructors, you may find nocturnal animals including lobsters, shrimps, flatfish, octopus, crabs...

nt$ 1,200 /
Against Marine Debris
Every Wednesday volunteers dive into the sea and clean up marine debris. The couch introduces the corals and the sea, bringing up the importance of keeping the marine life sustainable. The course includes how to pick up garbage under the sea, remove it with a lifting bag with team working. Together we will make the world better!

nt$ 1,800 /

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