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Thinking about making scuba diving into your career? This is the first step to be professional. As a dive master, you will lead others as you supervise scuba diving activities and assist with diver training. You can even further your career by becoming a PADI instructor, expanding your diving business....

Divemaster nt$ 35,000
Books, 20 tanks, weight, insurance included, other dive gear not included, rental fee is showed below
a. Age 18+
b. Advanced Open Water Diver
c. PADI Rescue Diver and EFR
d. Over 40+ dives logs
e. After the past 12 months, the doctor has assessed and proved that the health condition is suitable for diving.
6 days + 1 week internship in dive center.
every day
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a. Minimum booking 1 person
b. Trainning days will be adjusted due to weather conditions
c. The equipment does not include the course content requirements
d. Dive center internship can be combined with work and accommodation
e. Diving Master Qualification Application Fee AUD$210
f. PADI divemaster kit contains divemaster's manual, coach manual, dive visa application sticker, diving knowledge work manual, hardcover encyclopedia, diving long water reminder card, experience scuba diving water reminder card, eRDPML electronic multi-layer deep leisure Diving plan, divemaster badge, professional diving log, PADI backpack

※course process
OW/AD/RD/EFR Knowledge and Skills Review
PADI Divemaster's role and traits, supervision of qualified divers' general dive activities, diver safety and risk management, and course performed by Shuichang
Water Skills Practice, Rescue Diver Practice, Diving Skills Seminar, Reactivation Course Seminar, Snorkeling Diver Course and Snorkeling Duty Supervision, Experience Scuba Diving Course in Calm Waters
Dive site planning and management, dive site drawing lessons, diving profile, experience scuba diving course - additional open water dive, open water experience local diving, expertise diving skills and activities
Search and find simulation plots, deep dive simulation plots, diving business and your career, understanding diving environment, diving theory review
Reserved course, divemaster examination, graduation
Arrange for 7~10 days in the diving center.
Diving certification, dive log, OW, AOW, RD, EFR C-Card, swim suit, towels, water bottle, warm clothes


Rental Diving Equipment
We will offer rental diving equipment, all gear will clean as well for rental, please reserve in advance for your size.
Rental Fee:
1. Full Set nt$ 1,000/day
2. Dive Computer nt$ 300/day
3. Mask / Fin / Snorkel nt$ 300/day
4. Wet suite nt$ 300/day
5. Regulator nt$ 300/day
6. BCD nt$ 300/day
7. Camara Waterproof 25 meter nt$ 500/day
8. Torch nt$ 200/day

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