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PADI Enriched Air Diver course is the most popular professional specialties diving courses. Scuba diving with enriched air gives you more no decompression dive time. This means more time underwater, especially on repetitive scuba diving, you will get a new experience and professional diving knowledge, use the time to dive a day, you can complete the course and obtain a specialty license.

Enriched Air Diver
nt$ 5,980
Books, 2 Nitrox tanks, weight, insurance included, other dive gear not included, rental fee is showed below
a. Age 10+
b. Age under 18 should have their parents to sign an agreement
c. Open Water Diver
1 days
every day / elearning online available
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a. Minimum booking 1 person
b. If the condition of the sea is not ideal, the trip might be cancelled or moved to another site.
c. You are not suitable to book this trip if you have a flight scheduled on the same day
d. You are able to equalize your ears. (gently pinch your nose and blow out)
e. Max deep 10~30 meters.
Diving certification, dive log, swim suit, towels, water bottle, warm clothes


Rental Diving Equipment
We will offer rental diving equipment, all gear will clean as well for rental, please reserve in advance for your size.
Rental Fee:
1. Full Set nt$ 1,000/day
2. Dive Computer nt$ 300/day
3. Mask / Fin / Snorkel nt$ 300/day
4. Wet suite nt$ 300/day
5. Regulator nt$ 300/day
6. BCD nt$ 300/day
7. Camara Waterproof 25 meter nt$ 500/day
8. Torch nt$ 200/day

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