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Diving Bee Club is located in the Xiao Liuqiu Islands, we offer snorkeling and diving activities, you can see Tropical fish, sea turtles, wreck whole year. This is the trip you visit Xiao Liuqiu Islands can't missed. We are mirth organizer and vista creater. Look forward to your comming.

Kris Chen

PADI CD#495395

Jessica Hung

PADI OWSI#286376

Ferrnando Hsu

PADI IDCS#354216

Roger Tien

PADI OWSI#375309

Larry Lee

PADI OWSI#419220


DB Star


DB Star

Green Turtle

Liuchiu Star

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Diving Bee club     No. 33-39, Rd. Chung-Hsing, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County. Taiwan

+886-986165777   info@divingbee.com